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+ “Making Math Real” Resource for Teachers

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Liz Ditz recommended “Making Math Real,” an intensive and comprehensive professional development program.

The program provides simplified, comprehensive foundations for a practical, systematic, multisensory, structured program in basic mathematics.

Designed for educational therapists, special educators, elementary and secondary classroom teachers and especially, they say, for parents, the curriculum is aligned with the California state standards.

Visit the Making Math Real Institute and Clinic Web site at   The program is presented in association with UC Berkeley Extension.

An introductory, 90 minute video is available for $24.95. 

I have watched it and it is truly an eye-opener: full of explanations about how the brain processes information.  It truly is a “multisensory, structured, sequential” program.  The video offers ways to teach from the concrete to the abstract.  And it explains why.

And let me tell you — once you’ve learned about the “nine lines,” math will never feel the same again!

The key is giving kids the developmental tools before they are ever asked to turn to the text book. 

As Dr. Berg explains, most math lessons begin with abstractions as the first words out of the teacher’s mouth.  When children have experienced Making Math Real techniques, they will have their tool belt buckled and ready to go.   They are prepared to succeed at real-world math tasks.

Trainings apparently take place on site in California, although the training may be brought to schools .  Some of the individual course titles are

  • Making Math Real: Overview
  • MMR: The 4 Operations and All of the Math Facts
  • MMR: Fraction, Decimals and Advanced Place Value
  • MMR: Pre-Algebra
  • MMR: Algebra
  • The 9 Lines (a new course)
  • Time and Money (2-day course)
  • Games! (new 2-day extended course)
  • Kindergarten (2-day course)

There is an annual Summer Institute, and now available: a fractions worksheet binder.

Registration is now open for all Spring and Summer 2008 courses. 

source: online info from, on the recommendation of Liz Ditz, a Love and Logic Facilitator and Barton reading and spelling tutor.  Read her parenting and education blog at

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