Adrienne Edwards

email:  or phone: 614-579-6021

Find me also on on my Facebook page: type “O-G Dyslexia Tutor in Columbus OH” in the FB search box.

  • I tutor reading, writing and language skills YEAR-ROUND, using the Orton-Gillingham method, at my home in the Dublin suburb of Columbus Ohio.
  • Note: my students need not be identified as “dyslexic.”
  • The Orton-Gillingham method is phonics-based, multisensory, structured and sequential, as well as being diagnostic and prescriptive for each child: observations during every session determine the next day’s lesson.  It is truly customized for individual students.
  • My fee is comparable to those of local practitioners.  But there is no charge for an initial meeting — if you would like to chat with me about your child’s situation and how Orton-Gillingham methods can address his or her issues.  At this time you will also see my tutoring room and materials..
  • For over 20 years — first in Albuquerque and then in Columbus — I have tutored children of all ages, as well as some adults.   We cover reading, writing, spelling, comprehension,  and any related language issues, as well as concerns with study skills as they arise. We also establish a solid grounding in age- and grade-appropriate academic language. As students internalize our information and the strategies become second nature, they set out on a path to independence.


  • I trained and fulfilled all observational and clinical requirements in TWO Orton-Gillingham training programs: one, an ALTA IMSLEC curriculum, and the other, the AOGPE COLE curriculum used at Marburn Academy.  Currently I am using the AOGPE curriculum  used by teachers at Columbus’s Marburn Academy.
  • In addition, I trained in the Wilson Reading System and five Lindamood Bell programs, including “Visualizing and Verbalizing.”
  • Additionally I employ, as appropriate, morphological instruction which engages students at the deepest level of word analysis: history of the English language, Latin/Greek/French  word-roots and affixes.
  • I have received referrals from Marburn Academy and from teachers and counselors at local schools in the Columbus, Ohio area.  I am on Referral Lists at  COBIDA, ESCCO, Northrup and Associates, and the International Dyslexia Association (IDA).  I read widely and blog on these and related issues at
  • I believe that bright students who have reading, spelling and comprehension challenges can benefit from this one-to-one, structured phonics-based Orton-Gillingham tutoring.  Students who work with me commit to attending two 50-minute sessions a week: research shows that frequency of exposure is a factor in building long-term memory.


  • Feel free to call me at 614-579-6021 or email me at if you have specific questions about your situation or simply about Orton-Gillingham resources and O-G instruction in general.
  • Find me also on on my Facebook page: type “O-G Dyslexia Tutor in Columbus OH” in the FB search box.