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+ Distance Learning: Excellent Resource Site

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Katie Wilson tells me about her Web site: Distance Learning Net at www.distancelearningnet.com.

The site informs us they have information to help you navigate your way through the internet options available for distance learners in today’s fast-paced academic world.

From the site:

Whether you are looking to obtain an accelerated degree through an online school or take classes part time to improve your career prospects, we can help you get started and make the most of your online education.

We can help you decide if distance learning is the best option for you and also make sure that your school is accredited. 

Use our degree finder to find the school that is the best match for you and browse theough our FAQs to find answers to some of the most common questions that new distance learners have.

Take a look at our blog for helpful tips and tricks to get ahead and make the most of your distance learning experiences.

The site then offers links to Kaplan UniveristyUniversity of Phoenix, Grand Canyon University, Liberty University, Capella University, Westwood College, American InterContinental University, Virginia College, Everest UniversityAshford University  — and more .

Topics include:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of distance learning,
  • How to get an accredited distance learning degree online,
  • How to get your distance learning MBA,
  • The history of distance learning,
  • About distance learning,
  • Who benefits from distance learning
  • — and more.

You can search online degrees by choosing a degree level, or a category or a subject.  There is a quick degree finder.

The blog is great ( www.distancelearningnet.com/blog/) .  Among the topics:

  • 5 tips to assist in second language learning;
  • The role of sports in furthering education
  • Top 100 Science Fiction Blogs (general, books and comics, TV, movies, reviews, news)
  • 50+ Free Open Courseware classes for Web designers perfecting their craft (general, design & visualization fundamentals, education, usability, tools and technologies, internet, legal)
  • 50 tools and tricks to revolutionize your notetaking (bookmarks and more, productivity tools, collaboration, organization and efficiency tips, accessories, large scale projects and tools, notebooks, multimedia and multitasking tools)
  • Top 100 Musicology blogs (musicology, academics and education, technology, music history, music present and future, music industry, musicians, classical, concert, opera & orchestra, culture, musical analysis)

Wow.  Check it all out.

Thank you, Katie Wilson, for sharing this information.

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