+ 15 Best Dyslexia Sites For 2015

 by Douglas Curtiss

(Note: this is a list compiled by Dyslexia and Unstoppable; I’m not sure what their criteria were in establishing “best,”  but this collected information is definitely useful and we thank them for it — Adrienne Edwards)

for more about them http://www.dyslexicandunstoppable.com

There are many sites available to help dyslexic children and children who are struggling with reading. Below are the top 15 sites for dyslexia for 2015. Of course we believe that www.DyslexicAndUnstoppable.com should be at the head of the list. However, in order to keep the list as objective as possible, we have decided to exclude it from the list. So without further ado…The Best Dyslexia Sites For 2015 are:

1] Understood.org – Understood.org is a website that addresses learning and attention issues. The section on dyslexia helps you understand:

  • What dyslexia is
  • What some signs and symptoms of dyslexia are
  • What skills might be affected by dyslexia
    What each profession in your child’s life can do to help your child
  • What you can do at home

In addition you are able to create a free account to personalize your experience and connect with other parents as well as experts.

Find out more https://www.understood.org/en/learning-attention-issues/child-learning-disabilities/dyslexia/understanding-dyslexia

2] Yale Center For Dyslexia And Creativity

A comprehensive site from internationally known Dyslexia researchers and Yale professors, Drs. Sally and Ben Shaywitz, the YCDC offers:

  • Resources if you have dyslexia
  • Stories from other dyslexics
  • Advice on what a child can do
  • Efforts for reform in Washington, D.C.

Find out more ...http://dyslexia.yale.edu/index.html

3] Davis Dyslexia Association International

Based on the teachings of Dr. Ronald Davis, as explained in the book, The Gift of Dyslexia, this site offers:

  • Information about the Davis Dyslexia Correction
  • Where to find Davis-trained professionals
  • Links to scholarly articles about dyslexia
  • A forum connecting with other parents and experts in dyslexia

Find out more here http://www.dyslexia.com

4] Bright Solutions

This is the site started by international dyslexia expert, Susan Barton. It features:

  • A section explaining what dyslexia is
  • Explanation of classroom accommodations for dyslexic children
  • Videos and seminars given by Ms. Barton
  • An introduction to the Barton System

Find out more here http://www.dys-add.com

 5Dyslexic Advantage

Created by Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide, authors of the excellent book, The Dyslexic Advantage: Unlocking the Hidden Potential of the Dyslexic Brain, this site offers:

  • Stories of successful dyslexic people explaining why dyslexia has helped them
  • Links to conferences and webinars for parents
  • A community forum for support from like-minded parents

Find out more here http://www.dyslexicadvantage.org

 6] International Dyslexia Association

Another extremely comprehensive site offering

  • Explanations of dyslexia
  • Help for teachers
  • Upcoming conferences about dyslexia
  • Opportunities to join the IDA

Find out more here http://eida.org

7] Headstrong Nation

Started by Ben Foss, dyslexia advocate and author of The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan, this site offers:

  • Resources for adults dealing with dyslexia, including tools, assessments, and even workplace accommodations.
  • Assessments for parents to determine their child’s strengths and attitude
  • A link to find out more about Dyslexia Empowerment groups near you

Find out more here http://headstrongnation.org

 8] KidsHealth.org

This site, started by the children’s health foundation, Nemours, has great information about all aspects of children’s health. The dyslexia section includes:

  • How reading develops
  • What it is like to have dyslexia
  • Ways to make reading easier for dyslexic children

Find out more here http://kidshealth.org/kid/health_problems/learning_problem/dyslexia.html

9] Decoding Dyslexia

This is the main site for Decoding Dyslexia, a parent-led organization, with chapters in all 50 states. Their main mission is advocacy, working to have laws changed to help with dyslexia teaching and accommodations. From this main page, you can find the chapter in your state.

Find out more here http://www.decodingdyslexia.net

10] DianneCraft.org

Started by learning and nutrition expert, Diane Craft, this site offers practical tools for struggling readers, including:

  • Free videos and audios, many from workshops Ms. Craft has led
  • Lesson plans for the struggling reader and struggling speller
  • An opportunity to have a consultation with Ms. Craft

Find out more here http://www.diannecraft.org

11] Lindamood-Bell

Started by Nanci Bell and Patricia Lindamood, this site explains

  • The Lindamood-Bell approach to instruction
  • Links to learning centers in your area
  • A blog with some of the latest research into reading and dyslexia

Find out more here http://lindamoodbell.com

12] Dyslexia Action

This site contains excellent resources for parents, teachers, and even employers. The section for parents includes:

  • An opportunity for a 30 minute free consult
  • Information about assessment and screening of dyslexia
  • Links to useful learning tools and accommodations

Find out more here http://www.dyslexiaaction.org.uk

13] The Dyslexia Foundation

This site includes

  • Videos about dyslexia
  • A blog about dyslexia developments
  • A chance to become a member

Find out more here http://dyslexiafoundation.org

14] Learning Ally

The Learning Ally organization helps children with dyslexia as well as the visually impaired. Resources on their site include:

  • Help with reading
  • Advice about a multi-sensory approach
  • The use of audiobooks
  • The opportunity to sign up to be able to listen to hundreds of audiobooks

Find out more here https://www.learningally.org

15] Orton-Gillingham

This site is run by the Institute for Multisensory Education. The site:

  • Explains the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching dyslexic children to read
  • Offers the chance to be trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach
  • Contains a comprehensive list of educational apps for reading and dyslexia

Find out more here https://www.orton-gillingham.com


source of this article by Douglas Curtiss : http://www.dyslexicandunstoppable.com/2015/09/01/15-best-dyslexia-sites-for-2015/


Orton-Gillingham tutoring in Columbus OH: Adrienne Edwards 614-579-6021 or email aedwardstutor@columbus.rr.com


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