Visual Processing Skills: Family Fun Activities

Suggested by Bonnie Terry Learning
You can help mprove VISUAL Processing Skills by:


  • Visually tracking objects without moving the head.
  • Catching objects in space, e.g. bean bags or balls.
  • Coloring “in the lines,” copying activities.
  • Visual tracking of letters or words with a built in scoring (accountability) system.
  • Visual memory activities
  • Visual discrimination activities
  • Eye-aiming activities
  • Visual figure ground activities like hidden pictures
  • Visual language activities that build vocabulary
  • Play marbles, jacks, and other eye hand skill games
  • Do a jigsaw puzzle
  • Finger paint
  • Do soap carvings (Ivory soap is good for this.)
  • Color Hike: Go on a hike and write down all of the things you see that are different colors. How many colors did you see?
  • Incher Hike: Go on a hike in your yard or around the block and see how many things you can find that are an inch long, 6 inches long, and a foot long. Compare your lists. What was the most unusual thing you found? The most colorful?

~Thx Bonnie Terry Learning

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