Activities to Build Vocabulary, Factual Knowledge

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Activities you can do to improve vocabulary and factual knowledge skills in children:

Visit one of these places:

  •  local factory
  • a local bakery
  • a nursery a state park
  • the state capital
  • botanical garden
  • an art gallery
  • an antique shop

–Learn about the history of the place.

–Think (talk) about

  1. the sounds you hear,
  2. the smells you smell,
  3. the objects you see, and
  4. the colors you see.

–Take pix of where you visited.

–Afterwards, put the pix together with a quick summary of the place you went to…

You’ll be creating a scrapbook for many more conversations.

FACT: Vocabulary and background knowledge are proven predictors of success in higher grades.

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