+ From Learning Ally, a Quick Questionnaire about Dyslexia

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Please answer the following questions with a YES, NO, or DON’T KNOW answer.

  1. Is there a family history of learning disabilities?
  2. Does your child have difficulty sounding out words phonetically, particularly new words. “Giraffe” as “J/Er/A/F” ?
  3. Does your child spell words primarily by the way they sound, rather than the way they are spelled?
  4. Does your child either reverse letters when writing, well after most children of similar age have stopped doing so, or leave out letters in a word (“swimng”)?
  5. Does your child incorrectly copy notes from the board, by missing information, misspelling, or reversing information?
  6. Does your child exhibit a higher verbal ability that does not seem to match their reading or writing ability?
  7. Does your child struggle with comprehension of age-appropriate reading material?
  8. Does your child struggle with solving mathematical word problems?
  9. Does your child struggle with multiple choice tests, due to misunderstanding or misreading details in the question, rather than lack of knowledge about the answer?
  10. Does your child avoid reading out loud or have difficulty reading out loud fluently?
  11.  When reading, does your child have trouble keeping place, missing individual words or whole lines?
  12. Does your child make reading mistakes in letters,  numbers, or grammar, such as  confusing “a ” and “o ” (pat, pot); “7” and”1”; or not pausing for punctuation such as periods and commas?
  13. Did your child have trouble learning left and right or processing spatial directions (“Find the toy underneath the bed”)?
  14. Does your child have difficulty understanding multi-step processes or directions (written or oral) or learning sequenced information (example, tying shoes)?
  15. Does your child exhibit unusual verbal mistakes in accurately recalling names of letters or identifying objects or mispronouncing words or common phrases?
  16. Does your child have difficulty with fine or gross motor skills (hand writing, holding a pencil, catching and throwing a ball, team sports)?
 RESULTS: If you answered YES to:

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