+ Central Ohio: Two Workshops in August 2013


Teaching Reading and Writing to All Students

Featuring Internationally Renowned Presenters:Marcia K. Henry, Ph.D. and William Van Cleave, MA

These two intensive 2-day teacher training courses in Reading and Writing use research based multisensory structured language (MSL) teaching strategies to teach reading, writing and spelling. The MSL approach is appropriate for teaching individuals, small groups, and whole classrooms. Each course includes materials and a recent book written by the author. Space is limited to 50 people in each course.

COURSE I: August 5 & 6

Unlocking Literacy: Strategies for Phonemic Awareness, Decoding/Spelling, Fluency,Vocabulary & Comprehension

Marcia K. Henry, PhD, F/AOGPE, Professor Emerita,San Jose State University, CA. Past President of The International Dyslexia Association (1992-1996)

Course Description: The National Reading Panel and Common Core State Standards promote the explicit teaching of phonemic awareness, decoding and spelling, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. After gaining phonemic awareness, students must apply the alphabetic principle as they learn to read and spell. Letter-sound correspondences (or phonics), syllable patterns and morpheme patterns (the meaningful parts in words such as prefixes and suffixes, Anglo-Saxon base words and Latin and Greek roots) must be acquired. Vocabulary and fluency are significantly related to reading comprehension. This 2-day workshop will give teachers numerous instructional strategies and activities for enhancing these areas in the classroom and/or tutoring situations.

COURSE II: August 8 & 9

Writing Matters:Developing Writing Skills

William Van Cleave, MA, Educational Consultant, V.C. Educational Consulting

Course Description: This hands-on workshop explores useful strategies for developing students’ writing skills. This presentation includes the motor component, list generation, grammar, sentence creation, paragraph development, and proofreading and revising techniques. Participants learn a structured, sequential approach to developing students’ writing skills. They practice with the various teaching strategies introduced and learn techniques they can apply the very next day in their classrooms!

Cost: $575 ID


Course I: August 5 & 6, Unlocking Literacy: Strategies for Phonemic Awareness, Decoding/Spelling, Fluency, Vocabulary & Comprehension – Henry


Course II: August 8 & 9, Writing Matters: Developing Writing Skills – Van Cleave

At Indiana Wesleyan University Columbus Education Center, Suite 200

3455 Mill Run Drive, Hilliard, Ohio 43026

When: Course I: Monday & Tuesday, August 5 & 6, 8:30 AM – 4 PM

Course II: Thursday & Friday, August 8 & 9, 8:30 AM – 4 PM

Note: Lunch is on your own. Space is available for those who wish to pack a lunch.


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This course is limited to 50 attendees.

Please contact Dr. Charlotte G. Andrist at 614.288.8784 to insure that space is still available before you send in this registration form.

Conference Registration fees (please check appropriate line/s):

Individual registration – one course: $295 _______ course I or II (please circle) Both courses $540 ________

Group of 5 or more – one course: $270 per person _______ course I or II Both courses $490 per person _____

Please make checks payable to OCECD


Please send registration & check to:

OCECD Course Registration, c/o Dr. Charlotte G. Andrist

2948 Scioto Place, Columbus, Ohio 43221


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