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Maggie Beard, Program Director of the Biology of Language Study  which is being carried out by Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital, says they are seeking families with children who are having learning difficulties, receiving speech/language therapy, OR having problems learning to talk.

The BLS is inviting families to participate in the research.

What is the Biology of Language Study?

Approximately 5 out of every 100 children entering kindergarten will meet the criteria for Specific Language Impairment (SLD).  Strong medical evidence shows that our genes are very important in causing language impairment; despite a large number of children who have trouble learning language and are at further risk for later reading disability, there is still very little known about the  causes and treatment of these conditions.

As a result, this research is designed to look at the genes associated with language impairment, and perhaps offer treatments in the future that are more effective for those experiencing these difficulties.

What can you expect if you participate?

Families are able to participate either in their home, or in the Ohio State University lab. During the testing session, you will participate in a number of paper and pencil tests, and you and family members will provide a DNA saliva sample.  Note: the DNA samples will be separated from your identifying information, assigned a number, and stored at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  You and your family’s names will not be associated with the saliva samples whatsoever.

First, you’ll be asked to complete a phone interview with a qualified member of the research team.  This interview is expected to take 30 minutes to one hour, and will involve questions related to your family’s demographics, medical history, and developmental and educational history as well.

If, from the phone interview, you  are determined to qualify, you and your family members will be invited to participate in several standardized psychological and educational tests.  Each test varies in length from 5 to 20 minutes, and the entire testing assessment will take roughly 4-5 hours (including breaks).  Also, at the time of the session you and your family members will be asked to provide a teaspoon of saliva (spit) to look for genes specific to language problems.  Your samples will not be used for any other kind of non-research or medical testing.  Each person that participates will receive $95 in cash.

Your information will be kept confidential.

Information collected for this study is completely confidential, as provided by law.  Each participant will be assigned a unique family identification code that will be separate from the data collected.  In the event that findings of this research are published, you and your family’s identity will NOT be revealed.  Only Drs. Bartlett and Petrill and their corresponding research specialists will have access to this data, and it will be stored in a password-protected, electronic database.

How does a person sign up?

If after reviewing this information you decide you’d like to participate in the study, or just would like additional information,  Dr. Beard would like you to contact her at 1-800-678-6494.  In the meantime, visit the Website at http://bls.ehe.osu.edu for more information.

Disclaimer: participation in the proposed study is not directly endorsed by your school district.

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