+ 2012 Poets Forum OCT 18-20 in NYC

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The Academy of American Poets invites us to New York City for a series of events exploring the ever-changing landscape of contemporary poetry in America.

The Poets Forum will feature in-depth discussions with an array of distinguished poets, readings, lectures, and a selection of poet-led walking tours throughout Manhattan.

Events are held at various locations in Manhattan.

All-Events passes provide access to all Forum events.  Friday and Saturday passes apply only to events on specified days.  If you’re a member of the Academy of American Poets, you’ll receive a discount on all tickets.

Thursday, October 18 2012

Chancellors Reading at 7:00 pm: reading from their latest work will be Victor Hernandez Cruz, Toi Derricotte, Mark Doty, Marilyn Hacker, Lyn Hejinian, Juan Felipe Herrera, Edward Hirsch, Jane Hirshfield, Naomi Shihab Nye, Sharon Olds, Ron Padgett, Carl Phillips, Marie Ponsot, Arthur Sze and Anne Waldman.

Friday October 19

At 12:30 pm, Poetry in the Age of Social Media.”  On the panel will be Timothy Donelly, Randall Mann andBen Mirov.

At 2:00 pm, The Anxiety of Audience: Who We Write For, Real & Imagined” with Mary Jo Bang, Mark Bibbins and Brenda Shaughnessy.

At 3:30 pm, The Blaney Lecture: Reconsidering Lucille Clifton by Elizabeth Alexander.

Poetry Walking Tours at 10:30 and 2:00 will be led by poets Jordan Davis, Dante Micheaux, Stacy Szymaszek and Matthew Thorburn will explore the literary history of Harlem, the West Village, the Museum of Modern Art and SoHo.

At 7:00 the Poets Awards Ceremony: celebrate the recipients of the premier collection of awards for poetry in the US; there will be readings by Catherine Barnett, Brenda Hillman, Jen Hofer, Matt Rasmussen, Jennifer Scappetone and Gary Snyder among others — followed by a reception.

Saturday October 20

Through a series of intimate talks, some of the most renowned poets of our time examine issues central to poetry today.

Poetic Beginnings: Beats, New York School & Language Poetry” with Lyn Hejinian, Ron Padgett, Gary Snyder and Anne Waldman.

The Poet as Hermit or Social Being” with Mark Doty, Marie Ponsot and Arthur Sze

Writing Rituals: In the Frame of Mind to Write” with Hector Hernandez Cruz, Juan Felipe Herrera and Naomi Shihab Nye.

The Poetry and Legacy of Adrienne Rich” with Marilyn Hacker and Sharon Olds.

“This Is Just to Say”: Short Poems, with Toi Derricotte, Jane Hirshfield and Carl Phillips.

At 7:00 pm a Reading and Reception for the new fall issue of American Poet, the journal of the Academy of American Poets.  Readers include D. Nurkse, Patricia Smith and Craig Moran Teicher.

To learn more and to purchase tickets, visit http://poetsforum.eventbrite.com/?utm_source=Poets+Forum%3A+Doty+letter+V2&utm_campaign=poetsforum_dotyletter&utm_medium=email

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