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Rebecca Alber blogs at the edutopia site, and says students need to know that we also struggle with writing. 

She is writing for teachers.  But parents should model reading and writing as well.

So — as your children work on their own reading or writing, let them see you writing — so they can see that you, too, “get tongue-tied and run out of things to say.” 

Share with them the knowledge that you repeat yourself too.  You  forget words even though we’ve used them in the past.  You change your mind halfway through  a page and want to start over with a new topic.  

Your child needs to know that writing isn’t always easy for you — just as it isn’t easy for them.

And Albers says modeling reading is just as important.  It sends this message:

I like to read.  I don’t just tell you this and [monitor] how much you read.  I read side by side with you.  You see my facial expressions as I struggle to understand something difficult and you see when I feel emotion at a sad or funny part.  I am a reader, too.

This modeling for young people of your love — and struggles — as a reader and writer can help them understand that even for an adult who reads and writes all day, these task continue to be challenging.  

But you can show them that you find reward and delight in the process.  As they will, too. 

For Alber’s post, and much more at the site, visit http://www.edutopia.org/spiralnotebook/rebecca-alber

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