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Read the syllabus!  Knowing when assignments are due is the primary reason you want to refer to your syllabus early and often.  But there are other reasons as well.

  • Attendance: Attendance policies can vary widely, especially in college courses.  But most professors will assess penalties for missed classes.  Make sure you know how many classes — if any — you can miss before your grade is affected.
  • Late Work: Accepting late work is typically at the discretion of your teacher.  Some won’t accept late work, period.  Others may have substantial penalties associated with accepting late assignments.  Be sure you know where each instructor stands.
  • Extra Credit:  Again — each instructor is different.  Some teachers offer modest “extra credit” points.  Some may increase your grade a great deal for putting in extra effort.  Others may not offer extra credit at all.
  • Contacting Your Instructor: Most professors and teachers will list their office phone numbers (and even sometimes a personal number) as well as their email address.  Most will also tell you their preferred method of contact.  Use the method they prefer first.

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