+ Orton-Gillingham Tutor Training in Akron OH

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The Children’s Dyslexia Center of Akron provides evaluation and one-on-one instruction for children with dyslexia and other reading difficulties.

It also offers training, continuing education and resources for teachers, schools and individuals in the Orton-Gillingham approach used to remediate dyslexia.

Volunteers to be considered for acceptance in the O-G training program (to begin in January) must have a bachelor’s degree in any field.  Requirements include 45 hours of classroom seminar and 100 hours of practicum, which trainees will complete by tutoring two students at the Center.

The trainings are sponsored and overseen by the 32nd Degree Masons, who have Orton-Gillingham tutoring centers all throughout the country.  We are lucky to have one in Columbus as well.

For over ten years, the Scottish Rite Masons, Northern Jurisdiction, have been national leaders in the effort to help children and their families overcome the painful obstacles of dyslexia. At 59 Learning Centers in 15 states, the Children’s Learning Centers tackle the challenge of dyslexia head-on, both by providing free tutoring for children with dyslexia and by training a growing cadre of highly skilled and dedicated tutors.

Contact Heather Petruccelli or Laura Arnold at 330-664-0777, or akronlc@yahoo.com . The address is 150 Springside Drive, Suite B-235, Akron OH 44333.

Orton-Gillingham tutoring in Columbus OH:  Adrienne Edwards  614-579-6021 or email aedwardstutor@columbus.rr.com


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