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From the LDA Newsbriefs (May/June 2011) here are some thoughts  about emergency preparedness .

Get a small waterproof and fireproof strong box for

  • social security cards
  • birth certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • death certificates
  • copies of driver’s licenses
  • insurance policies
  • home deeds
  • credit cards
  • health care/benefit cards
  • any other vital records

These records can help smooth the way if it should be necessary to apply for any type of disaster aid.

The American Red Cross has a website: http://www.recross.org.   You will find lists of Preparedness Fast Facts on topics such as

  • Coping with Shelter-in Place Emergencies
  • Pets and Disaster Safety
  • Power Outage
  • Taking Care of Your Emotional Health after a Disaster

These emergency facts are in English, Spanish and several other languages.

The Red Cross Store (http://www.redcrossstore.org) carries a variety of items:

  • Emergency radios
  • Personal Safety Emergency Packs
  • Emergency Preparedness Kits
  • Planning Kits
  • LED Glowsticks
  • and other items.

Visit the site to order items or use as a guide to develop your own kit. 

Tip: if you decide to store water, ensure that containers are classified as PETE (1), HDPE (2), LDPE (4), or polypropylene (5) to avoid toxic chemicals.

Visit http://www.healthychildrenproject.org for additional information on plastics.

sole source: Article in LDA Newbriefs, May/June 2011, prepared by their Public Policy/Advocay Committee.  Visit http://www.ldaamerica.org

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