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From the beginning of the Children of the Code Project, the premise has been that if educators and parents understand the challenges involved in learning to read, they are much better equipped to help their students.

Teaching the Teachers

Based on this premise, their 4-disc series is designed to support educators who can be involved in teaching other educators, literacy volunteers, policy makers and members of the general public.  The content involves “what’s at stake,” and “what’s involved” in learning to read.

This series is not a “how to teach reading” course.  

It’s a collection of video segments and animations designed to help professional adults and parents develop a deeper  first-person understanding of the issues involved.

The Children of the Code Project is offering a one-time 20 percent discount off the regular price on the first 400 DVD four-disc sets.

 Visit  http://www.childrenofthecode.org/DVD/PD-V1_special_offer.htm.  The offer will expire May 3, 2011. 

Included in the package:

  • 103 Video Segments
  • Upgraded versions of all 64 main videos on the ChildrenOfTheCode.org web site
  • Two new chapters:  “The Brain’s Challenge” and “Changing Trajectories”
  • 39 new videos not on the web site
  • Content that is formatted for DVD and optimized for large screen displays
  • Menus and titling conventions that allow for easy navigation
  •  Visual metaphors that aid in understanding

The Children of the Code Project is looking forward to hearing how this new 4-disc DVD set assists educators in their efforts.  They are a non-profit organization.

The DVD set is $67.00.  It appears that the first 400 orders by May 3rd will receive a 20% discount.

  • Disc 1 — “What’s at Stake,” “What is Reading?” ,”Unnatural   Confusion,” and About the COTC  DVD Series”
  • Disc 2 — “So Let it Be Written,” “The First Millennium Bug,” “Paradigm Inertia”
  • Disc 3 — “Causes and Contributing Factors,” “Readiness,” “Shame”
  • Disc 4 —“The Brain’s Challenge,” “Changing Trajectories”

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