+ Recording for Blind & Dyslexic’s New Name: Learning Ally

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The company Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic has changed its name.  It is now called Learning Ally.

They say

Changing the name of a long-established national institution such as RFB&D is not something we entered into lightly.  Over the past year, we conducted research and focus groups with hundreds of students, parents, educators, volunteers and funder — to define the future direction of the organization.

 They say

  • Members themselves were the key drivers of the transformation.  For one thing, they say, many members are neither blind nor dyslexic; their mix of users today includes persons with diverse learning differences that are outside the scope of the former name.
  • Members expressed loudly that they don’t wish to be labeled.  To be typecast as “learning disabled” was clearly a negative they said.  These are people who just want the same opportunities to succeed that others enjoy.  The new name goes to the heart of that desire.
  • Continuity and evolution:  Learning Ally will continue to record books for blind, dyslexic and many  other kinds of users.  They will also be providing even more services and resources in the future — always putting their long-established users first within the assistive technology community.
  • Learning Ally remains an advocate and friend to all who learn differently.  This is more than “just” a new name — it reflects that advocacy vision.  They invite a growing community of volunteers, parents, donors and friends to become a “Learning Ally” to  these individuals for whom reading and access are barriers to learning.

The mission of Learning Ally is the promotion of personal achievement when access and reading are barriers to learning, and to do so by advancing the use of accessible and effective educational solutions.

For more information, visit the site at   http://www.learningally.org/About-Us/19/ .  Learn about the history of the organization, discover the full range of resources and find out how you can become involved.  You can also subscribe to the newsletter “The Download.”

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