+ If They WON’T “Turn Off TV” (April 19-25)

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April 19-25 is National Turn Off the TV Week, sponsored by TV- Free America, a national nonprofit organization that raises awareness of the negative effects of too much television viewing.

Of children 6-17

  • 50% have a TV in their bedrooms
  • they watch 20,000 30-second commercials
  • they watch 1,680 inutes a week
  • they watch 1600 hours a year
  • hours spent in school:  Nine hundred.

So kids are being challenged to live TV-free for an entire week.

For more information, visit http://www.turnoffyourtv.com.

Teachers can offer some worthwhile classroom assignments during this period.  We know television isn’t going away.  And we know students aren’t going to give it up for long, if at all.

Well, what can we do?  We can accept this reality, and work with it.

 Teacher’s Corner from eNotes offers suggestions.


Have students keep a journal for one week, recording which programs they watch.  Tell them to write a personal response to each one.  When journals are complete, ask them to write an assessment of their viewing habits. 

Hand out a list of questions to guide them in writing their assessments.

  • Do you watch the same kinds of programs? 
  • What kind of programs do you prefer and why?
  • Do you watch specific programs, or do you watch whatever happens to be on?
  • How much time you spend watching TV?
  • Do you continue watching a program if you don’t like it?

Students may develop some important insights from this exercise, in addition to the actual writing and assessing components.

Charting and Graphing

Ask students to record data about their TV viewing for a specific period of time, and then plot it on charts or graphs of their own design.

Ask them to write a summary interpreting and drawing conclusions from the data.  To encourage participation, suggest that they may present and explain their charts or graphs to the class.

Studying Character Development

Students might watch several episodes of a favorite program featuring a TV character they find interesting.

Give them a character study chart including these headings (and more if you wish)

  • Behavior
  • Attitude
  • Habits
  • Outstanding Traits
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses

The “Teacher’s Corner” at eNotes writes

Creative learning activities that incorporate students’ TV viewing can be designed for every subject and grade.  Assigning them won’t encourage kids to watch more television — they’re going to watch it anyway.  We might as well get with the program!


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