+ Suggested Books Grades 7 & 8

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Some students brought me this list from school —  I’m not certain of the source.  The heading reads

7th and 8th Grade Battle of Books List (2011 Competition)

  1. Abbott:  “Firegirl
  2. Abrahams:  “Down the Rabbit Hole”
  3. Aiken:  “The Serial Garden”
  4. Anderson:  “Speak”
  5. Avi:  “Nothing But the Truth”
  6. Avi:  “True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle”
  7. Balliet:  “The Calder Game”
  8. Barron:  “Lost Years of Merlin”
  9. Baskin:  “Anything But Typical”
  10. Bernier:  “Diego: Anything But Typical”
  11. Bitton-Jackson:  I Have Lived a Thousand Years”
  12. Bloor:  “Tangerine”
  13. Boyne:  “The Boy in Striped Pajamas”
  14. Bradley:  “Hot Lunch”
  15. Bruchac:  “The Dark Pond”
  16. Burch:  “They Cage the Animals at Night”
  17. Chima:  “The Warrior Heir”
  18. Christie:  “And Then There Were None”
  19. Collins:   “Catching Fire”
  20. Connor:  “Waiting for Normal”
  21. Cooney:  “Face on the Milk Carton”
  22. Cooney:  “Code Orange”
  23. Colfer:  “Artemis Fowl”
  24. Cooper:  “Dark is Rising”
  25. Creech:  “Chasing Redbird”
  26. Crow:  “Mississippi Trail”
  27. Curtis:  “Elijah of Buxton”
  28. Cushman:  “Catherine Called Birdy”
  29. Danziger:  “P.S. Longer Letter Later”
  30. Draper:  “Out of My Mind”
  31. Draper:  “Tears of a Tiger”
  32. Draper:  “Romiette and Julio”
  33. DuPrau:  “City of Ember”
  34. Farmer:  “House of the Scorpion”
  35. Fleming:  “The Lincolns: A Scrapbook Look at Abraham and Mary”
  36. Fogelin:  “Crossing Jordan”
  37. Giles:  “What Happened to Cass McBride?”
  38. Gregory:  “Five Smooth Stones”
  39. Green:  “Football Hero”
  40. Haddix:  “Found”
  41. Haddix:  “Sent”
  42. Hiassen:  “Flush”
  43. Hinton:  “The Outsiders”
  44. Hobbs:  “The Maze”
  45. Jacques:  “Redwall”
  46. Jones:  “Out of Reach”
  47. Kadohata:  “Cracker”
  48. Kelley:  “The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate”
  49. Kerr:  “One Small Step”
  50. Korman:  “Pop”
  51. Korman:  “Schooled”
  52. Law:  “Savvy”
  53. L’Engle:  “A Wrinkle in Time”
  54. Lengle:  “Tropical Secrets”
  55. Levine:  “Fairest”
  56. Lowry:  “The Giver”
  57. Lubar:  “Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie”
  58. Lupica:  “Heat”
  59. McCaughrean:  “White Darkness”
  60. Meyer:  “The True Adventures of Charles Darwin”
  61. Meyer:  “Twilight”
  62. Osborne:  “My Secret War”
  63. Patterson:  “Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment”
  64. Paulsen:  “Notes From the Dog”
  65. Paulsen:  “My Soldier’s Heart”
  66. Peck:  “Long Way From Chicago”
  67. Perkins:  “Criss Cross”
  68. Peters:  “Define Normal”
  69. Pfeffer:  “The Dead and Gone”
  70. Philbrick:  “Freak the Mighty”
  71. Ritter:  “Over the Wall”
  72. Riordan:  “Lightning Thief”
  73. Rorby:  “Hurt Go Happy”
  74. Ryan:  “Becoming Naomi Leon”
  75. Sachar:  “Small Steps”
  76. Selnick:  “The Invention of Hugo Cabret”
  77. Spinelli:  “Stargirl”
  78. Stead:  “When You Reach Me”
  79. Stewart:  “The Mysterious Benedict Society”
  80. Taylor:  “Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry”
  81. Walker:  “Written in Bone: Buried Lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland”
  82. Weeks:  “So B. It”
  83. Weyn:  “Distant Waves”
  84. Wiesel:  “Night”
  85. Winerip:  “Adam Canfield of the Slash”

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