+ Central Ohio: Your Testimony is Needed Wednesday MAR 2

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A hearing on HB 96, about the need for early identification of dyslexia in our schools, is scheduled for Wednesday, March 2 at 5:00 pm. 

We need you to help show the members of the Education Committee (and our opponents) that we are a formidable force.  And we have truth on our side.

We are asking YOU to share your story about why early detection of dyslexia is critical; why waiting for a child to FAIL is ultimately more costly both in financial and in human terms.

It is dismaying to discover that opposition to this bill comes from those in charge of our schools.

  • COMMITTEE: House Education
  • CHAIRMAN: Representative Stebelton (614-466-8100)
  • DATE: Wednesday March 2, 2011
  • TIME: 5:00 pm
  • ROOM: 17

Please contact Charlotte Andrist at charlotteandrist@gmail.com, or phone her at 614-767-0438 (cell 614-288-8784) if you want to give oral testimony.

And bring friends!  Buttons and t-shirts available for the first 100 people to show up to support this bill!


  1. Testimony:  Everyone who provides oral or written testimony is required to fill out a Witness Information Form.  Speak to Charlotte Andrist about emailing you the form.  If you can email it back by Tuesday, that is best; or bring it with you on Wednesday.
  2. Oral Testimony:  A range of experts are expected to provide background information about why early identification of dyslexia is critical.  The plan is to follow this expert testimony with LOTS OF PERSONAL STORIES.  Your oral testimony should focus on how you or your child would have benefitted if s/he had been identified early and had received appropriate instruction in school.  Remember, we are trying to help committee members understand what happens when you wait until a child fails before s/he is identified, versus what happens when you PREVENT reading failure through early identification.  Share the pain of what happened to you or your family member; or what was entailed by having to find your own outside help.  Just teel your story.  There is no “formal” time limit to oral testimony, but please try to keep yours to 5-7 minutes.  (Remember: the focus of testimony for HB 96 is on the importance of the early identification  of dyslexia.  We have another dyslexia bill coming up in the next week by Rep. Schuring, which focuses on appropriate instruction and teacher training.

The Central Ohio Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (COBIDA) and the Ohio Dyslexia Group are responsible for getting the word out and seeing that these bills are passed.  Contact: Charlotte Andrist, President COBIDA; 2948 Scioto Place, Columbus OH 43221.  Phone 614-767-0438, or cell 614-288-8784.  Email charlotteandrist@gmail.com

tutoring in Columbus OH:  614-579-6021  or email  aedwardstutor@columbus.rr.com


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