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Get Involved: We Need Help

The 129th Ohio legislative session is open.

 Rep. Ted Celeste is once again calling for cosponsors on his proposed dyslexia bill in the House.  The bill targets the early identification of dyslexia.

We already have these 18 cosponsors (5 Republicans and 13 Democrats):

  • Stebelton
  • Amstutz
  • Garland
  • Foley
  • Letson
  • Weddington
  •  Pillich
  • Dovilla
  • Patmon
  • Ramos
  • Hollington
  •  Phillips
  •  Lundy
  • Thompson
  • O’Brien
  • Yuko
  • Murray
  • Williams


If these are YOUR representatives, thank them.  But if your representative has not already signed on to cosponsor please help:

  1.  Call or email your Ohio State Representative today. Let him/her know how important this legislation is for our children.
    Here is the link to find your Representatives: http://www.facebook.com/l/74709zuaymRPiGt0GMrn3gDpa7w;www.house.state.oh.us/
  2.  If you are a tutor or Learning Center/School Director: ask your parents to call or email representatives.  Ask them to sponsor Representatives Celeste’s dyslexia legislation.
  3.  Send a request out on Facebook or Twitter
  4.  Post the information on your Blog
  5. Talk to  friends, neighbors and/or others in the dyslexic community.

We keep track of all legislative contacts.

Please tell the Ohio Dyslexia Group about your contact:   info@cincinnatidyslexia.org  

Marthat Chiodi updates our legislative contact chart..

We are fortunate that Representative Stebelton (R-Lancaster) is the new chairman of the House Education Committee!  It’s  likely it will be assigned there again this year.


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