+ Treating Trauma in Children: Katrina’s Lessons

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Once again, Kathie Nunley points us to new research.  This time, trauma in children.

The newest information is starting to surface now that psychologists have had time to follow thousands of children over the five years since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and its surrounding area.

Now we are better understanding how to deal with children after any traumatic event.  While the majority are resilient, some do need a long time to recover.

She offers these keys to helping children after a catastrophic event in the community:

  • Acknowledge the distress — parents sometimes tend to underestimate this.
  • Different ages need different intervention.  Adolescents, interestingly, are often ignored; this is a time to focus on their strength and involve them in community recovery.
  • Turn your local school into a community and family resource center.
  • Be aware and prepared for ancillary consequences, such as lack of a safe place for play and recreation.
  • Be aware of cultural differences and prepare to have a variety of cultural intervention strategies.

Nunley’s source was Clay, R. (2010).  “Treating traumatized children.” Monitor on Psychology, Vol.41(7), 36-39.

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