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I found Rebecca Alber’s blog at Edutopia.org.  She reminds us of Robert Marzano’s six-step method for direct teaching of vocabulary.   Here is a stripped-down version.


Step one: you explain the new word, beyond reciting definition

Step two: child restates/explains the word in his or her own words

Step three: child creates his or her own picture of the word

Step four: child engages in an activity (compares / classifies / makes  an analogy or metaphor)

Step five: child discusses/uses the word (perhaps writing)

Step six: child plays a game that reviews new words

Remember: vocabulary has been shown to be  the best single indicator of intellectual ability and an accurate predictor of success at school.

 source: Rebecca Alber’s blog at http://www.edutopia.org; “Teaching Basic and Advanced Vocabulary” by Robert Marzano; “Vocabulary Games for the Classroom” by Lindsay Carlton and Robert Marzano

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