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Every year, the National Book Foundation awards a number of prizes of up to $2,500 each to individuals and institutions — or partnerships between the two — that have developed innovative means of creating and sustaining a lifelong love of reading.

In addition to promoting the best of American literature through the National Book Awards , the Foundation also seeks to expand the audience for literature in America.

Through the Innovations in Reading Prizes, those individuals and institutions that use particularly innovative methods to generate excitement and a passionate engagement with books and literature will be rewarded for their creativity and leadership.


All US citizens and American institutions.  Here are some examples of targeted individuals and organizations.

  • Teachers
  • Librarians
  • After-school and community center staff
  • Military personnel
  • Other motivated members of the community
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • After-school and community-based programs
  • Non-profits (e.g. literacy centers, museums, historical societies)
  • Companies that specialize in technology development and implementation
  • US-based corporations and their employees
  • Military bases


They are seeking applications from individuals and institutions that demonstrate a commitment to literature and the promotion of reading for its own sake.  Important criteria are creativity, risk-taking, and a visionary quality, as well as a novel way of presenting books and literature. 

Note: They are less interested in programs where the focus is on basic literacy and the pedagogy of reading.


  • $2,500 cash award to an individual or institution; in the case of a partnership between an individual and an institution,  the former will receive $2,500 and the latter $1,000.
  • Multi-media coverage of the winning programs via the National Book Foundation’s website, press releases, monthly eNewsletter, and Facebook and Twitter feeds
  • Acknowledgement of the winning programs in the National Book Awards Ceremony and Dinner program, read by thousands of professionals in the literary and publishing communities.


If you’re nominating someone else

  • Notify the nominee that you are nominating them for the Innovations in Reading Prize
  • Complete the nomination section of the Innovations in Reading application and mail to the address given, or email it as an attachment.
  • Your nomination counts as one reference.  Arrange for one additional reference letter written by an individual familiar with the work of the nominee to be sent directly to the Foundation’s office.  (The additional reference letter should be sent under separate cover; or emailed as an attachment.

If you’re self-nominating

  • Complete the self-nomination section of the application and mail or email, as above.
  • Arrange for two reference letters written by individuals familiar with your work to be sent directly to the Foundation’s office, or email as attachments.


The Foundation’s Executive Director and Director of Programs will review all applications.  Those considered most promising will be passed on to a committee of the Foundation’s board members, who will then make final selections.

Winners will be announced on May 4, 2011.   

Deadline: Application must be postmarked by February 11, 2011. 

Application: http://www.nationalbook.org/innovations_in_reading_2011_static.PDF

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