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Here is a comprehensive Website — Masters in Education — with links to teaching blogs:   http://www.mastersineducation.com/100-blogs-that-will-make-you-a-better-teacher/

You will find links to

  • 30 blogs for General Education teachers;
  • 20 links to blogs for ESL teachers;
  • 20 blogs  for Special Education teachers; 
  • 15 blogs for teachers of Pre-K through “Tweenage;” 
  • 15 blogs for Middle School and High School teachers.

Masters in Education was created in 2009 by Michael Erins, to create a site where all possible internet Masters Degree sites and information would be found in one place.

His goal is

to help future masters in education students navigate easily on one website and search specifically by state and campus.

In addition to constantly adding new programs to my database, I have begun writing FAQ articles as well.

You will find useful posts, including lists of top 50 book clubs for teachers, some iPad apps to help you become a better teacher, or a list of 100 great green leasson plans.

Erins says he frequently updates information, but if you should notice any errors or programs left off the list, let him know. 

Check it out.

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