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From LDA Newsbriefs, September/October 2010 issue, we learn that real work is being done on bullying, as a result of the first ever federal National Summit on Bullying.

They have launched bullying information site at


The site allows for an easy, more centralized and accessible one-stop site for federal resources on bullying. 

The Office for Civil Rights has been reinvigorated; this means complaints of bullying and harassment will be vigorously investigated.

In addition, the collaboration between federal agencies (the departmensts of Education, Justice, Heanlth and Human Services, Agriculture, Defense and Interior) will continue.

According to US Education Secretary Arne Duncan,

As educators, as state and local officials, and at the federal level, we simply have not taken the problem of bullying seriously enough.  It is an absolute travesty of our educational system when students fear for their safety suffer discrimination and tauns because of their ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability or a host of other reasons.  The fact is that no school can be a great school until it is a safe school first.

The US Department of Education has stepped up its efforts to address bullying to include a new $27 million Safe and Supportive Schools (S3)grant program.  This pilot will enable states to measure school safety at the building level, and provide federal funds for interventions in those schools with the greatest needs.

In addition, the Department’s blueprint for reform of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act calls for a dramatic increase in funding for its Successful, Safe and Healthy Students grants program, an expansion of the Safe and Supportive Schools pilot.

Kevin Jennings, assistant deputy secretary for the Department’s Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, says

The bullying summit exceeded our highest expectations as our partners came prepared with brilliant ideas and boundless imagination.  We will compile those ideas and use them as a framework to map out a national anti-bullying strategy in the coming weeks and months.  As 2010-2011 school year begins, we want to get resources into the hands of educators, families, students and concerned community members so they can help put an end to bullying.  The new Website puts all of our resources in one place, so folks can use them immediately as schools open.







source: LDA Newsbriefs, September/October 2010 issue.  http://www.LDAamerica.org

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