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Fostering positive learning environments is an essential component of the educator’s role.  Students thrive when they feel included, safe, supported, and recognized in the classroom.

The Web site “Guide to Online Schools” offers a wealth of information about online schools, online degrees, online college reviews, online university rankings, and online education resources.

One of the pages is “Essential Resources for Fostering Positive Learning Environments.”  (http://tinyurl.com/2dee2zt.

The compilers know that, as a teacher, you’re interested in promoting the best learning environment possible.

That’s why they gathered these articles, pamphlets, scholarly papers, websites, and personal narratives to help you become better equipped to cultivate a positive learning environment in your classroom, whether it is a classroom full of toddlers or a university lecture class.

You will find these categories, with articles titled:

Beginning of the Year Articles

  • 101 things to do the first three weeks of class
  • learning students names
  • the most important day: starting well

Dealing with Conflict Articles

  • managing classroom conflicts
  • managing hot moments in the classroom
  • strategies for winning over the impossible class

Collaboration Articles

  • collaborative learning
  • cooperation, collaboration, community and small group learning
  • creating collaborative learning environments
  • fostering school, family and community involvement
  • three pillars of cooperative learning
  • turning student groups into effective teams

New Students Articles

  • welcoming and involving new students
  • welcoming strategies for newly arrived students and their families

Learning Spaces Articles

  • creating a rich physical environment
  • designing learning spaces for 21st century learners
  • educating for a sustainable future
  • learning environments
  • learning journeys
  • teaching and Learning: physical layout
  • the best of learning environments
  • the psychology of learning environments

Online Learning Articles

  • an instructional strategy framework for online learning environments
  • fostering collaboration to enhance online instruction
  • instructional strategies for online learning
  • interactive education
  • success in distance education
  • virtual learning environments

University-Specific Resources Articles

  • alternative learning environments
  • creating inclusive college classrooms
  • interactive lectures
  • teaching strategies
  • the collaborative research model

Other Helpful Resources Articles

  • a classroom where all students are learning
  • a positive classroom climate/environment for learning
  • classroom-focusing enabling
  • classroom management techniques and strategies
  • developing learning environments
  • how people learn
  • parent and home involvement in schools
  • schools as caring, learning communities
  • social networking
  • the value of student-teacher relationships

Visit the site to sample this wealth of resources and put them to use.

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