+ Dyslexic Adults May Participate in Research Study

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Dr. Blace A. Nalavany and Dr. Lena W. Carawan of  East Carolina University are asking dyslexic adults from around the country to participate in a study called “Adults with Dyslexia: Pathways to Success.”  They have developed a Web page than includes an online link so you can participate in the survey.

All dyslexic adults, 21 years of age or older, may take part in this first  nationally based online survey of adults with dyslexia.  The researchers assure us they will not ask anything further of you after you complete the survey.

Also included on the Web site is information about their previous research on adults with dyslexia, and ongoing updates about how they are using the research to make a difference.

The goals of the research are to

  • demystify adults’ experiences with dyslexia
  • bring validation and recognition to those who live with a learning difference which is prone to misunderstanding
  • inform practice, policy, and future research on dyslexia

The online survey can be reached through the following address:


Drs. Nalavany and Carawan say if anyone would like to discuss the research further or comment on the Web site, they may call 877-261-9822, or email Dr. Blace A. Nalavany, PhD, LCSW at nalavanyb@ecu.edu  or Dr. Lena W. Carawan, PhD, MSW at carawanl@ecu.edu.

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