+ Tips for Teaching Math Facts

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From TeachHub, these twelve tips for teaching math facts, by Randi Saulter.  For the entire article, visit  http://www.teachhub.com/news/article/cat/14/item/227

  • Teach a limited number of facts at a time
  • Add new facts only after the previous set has been mastered
  • Do cumulative practice 
  • Form a verbal chain (recite problem and answer aloud)
  • Mastery = automaticity
  • Set  realistic, individual fluency goals
  • Have a routine for daily practice sessions 
  • Have a routine for corrective feedback during practice 
  • Keep practice sessions short 
  • Have a process for monitoring progress 
  • Begin memorizing multiplication facts in Grade 4 (at the latest)
  • Celebrate success! 

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