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The LDA Early Childhood Committee places an occasional article in its Newsbrief called “Take Time for Ten Together.” 

Here are ten “teaching” tips from the January/February 2010 issue: You’ll be teaching math, science, cognitive skills, time planning and self-esteem! 

  • Introduce a child to a ruler or yardstick.  Include them in the task if you’re measuring a room, building a deck, or estimating how much paint will be needed for a project.
  • Ask a child for ideas when you plan a renovation.  Ask him or her to make the sketches or draw up a materials list.
  • Include a child when you design the layout of a vegetable garden.  Ask what veggies they’d like to plant.
  • If you’re planting flower seeds, ask a child to help measure the depth of the hole for the seeds.  Ask their assistance in planning where which flowers will look best.
  • When you’re doing routine maintenance on a vehicle, explain to a child what is being done.  Explain the reason for each tool.  When the oil needs changing, take the child with you to your recycling place.  
  • When you purchase new household or garage tools, take a child to the home improvement or auto store.  Explain what the tools are used for.  Calculate costs.
  • If you can, buy child-sized tools so your child can help with routine yard maintenance. He or she will “learn by doing,” bond with you, and experience a big sense of accomplishment.
  • If you’re making plumbing repairs, show your child where the water shut-off valve is located.  Explain why the water must be shut off before repairs are made.  Explain the purpose of the Teflon tape used in plumbing repairs.
  • Changing furnace or air conditioning filters?  Explain why.  Let them help.  They can mark the calendar for the next scheduled change.
  • As you change the batteries in your smoke detectors twice a year (schedule it with the changing of the clocks) explain how the detectors work.  Show how to insert the batteries.

These activities are teachable moments, and the benefits for the child (and you) can last a lifetime. 

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