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Last year, Marburn Academy, a K-12 school for dyslexic and ADHD students in Columbus OH, was the site for the first large scale school-based study of Cogmed Working Memory Training  in the United States. 

The study involved a total of 65 ADHD students.

Following the six-week intervention, a substantial majority of the subjects showed significant improvement on working memory tests, as well as on measures of school and home performance in areas impacted by working memory deficits.

The study has been submitted for publication in a peer reviewed journal, according to  Earl Oremus, Head of School at Marburn Academy.

According to the Cogmed Web site, the program is an evidence-based computer training program developed by neading neuroscientists to improve attention in individuals with weak working memory.  The program is backed by peer-reviewed, controlled research done at leading universities around the world, and is proven to lead to significant, real life improvements in 80% of users.

The program is available through a network of health-care professionals, all trained and qualified by Cogmed.  You can visit the site for more information, and a free webinar.(http://www.cogmed.com/research)

For pros and cons of Cogmed: http://tinyurl.com/yljsoas 

And Marburn Academy: http://www.marburnacademy.org

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