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National Lab Day was introduced in November, 2009 by a coalition of educators and science and engineering associations.

Lab Day aims to inspire a wave of future innovators: by pairing veteran scientists and engineers with students in grades K-12 they want to get thousands of hand-on projects going around the country.

Any teacher in America can go to the Web site http://www.NationalLabDay.org and enter a science project he or she is interested in teaching, or get an idea for one.  NLD will match teachers with volunteer scientists and engineers in their area for mentoring.

Entrepreneur Jack Hidary, chairman of NLD, says

As soon as you have a match, the scientists and the students communicate directly or via Skype and collaborate on a project.  We have a class in Chicago asking for civil engineers to help them build a bridge.  In Idaho, a class is asking for a scientist to help them build a working river delta inside their classroom.

source: article in NY Times, unsure of author and date, sorry.  www.nytimes.com

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