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The National Book Foundation gives out National Book Awards.   But they also do other things.  

Every year, NBF awards a number of prizes of up to $2500 every year to individuals and institutions — or partnerships between the two — that have developed innovative means of creating and sustaining a lofelong love of reading.


The Foundation’s first year of offering the Innovations in Reading Prize (IRP) saw 150 applications from 30 states. 

Applications fell into the following categories:

  • Education and Community Outreach
  • Tools & Technology
  • Schools & School Libraries
  • Public & University Libraries
  • Literary Magazines & Publishers
  • Book Clubs, Reading Series & Performance Individuals

A selection process was created based on the following criteria:  level of innovation,and  impact and need, with innovation always carrying the most weight.

Impact and need came into play only in cases where two programs were judged to be equally innovative. 

“Innovation” was not limited to meaning only technologically innovative.  In some cases, innovation meant identifying a need in the community and developing a program to address that need in a simple and effective way.

In all cases, selections were made to reward programs that create and sustain a life-long love of reading.

Get the Application


application process: complete the nomination section for the application and email it as an attachment to kmcdonough@nationalbook.org .

Questions?  Contact the Foundation at 212-685-0261.

tutoring in Columbus OH:   Adrienne Edwards  614-579-6021   or email  aedwardstutor@columbus.rr.com.


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