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Research has proven that kids need multiple exposures to a word in order to anchor it in long-term memory, and to have it become a spontaneous part of his vocabulary.

From The 2 Sisters Website, The Daily CAFE (www.thedailycafe.com), here are some strategies parents can use at home.


  • Ask your child about words collected from books at school.   Explain about “tuning in” to interesting words as they come up.  Create a family word collector for home.  Hang it on the refrigerator, or some place central to family life.
  • When your child is reading (or being read to), ask him to find three interesting words.  Have him write them down.  Talk about the meaning.  See if anyone in the family is able to use the words in a sentence.  Add these words to your family word collector.
  • Encourage your child to find interesting words when watching TV or from daily conversation.  When tuning in to an interesting word, help him understand it.  Then add it to the family word collector.
  • Modeling is always the best way to spark interest in children.  When you are reading a magazine, newspaper or book, let your child see you “tuning in to an interesting word.”   Discuss your word with him.  Explain that adults tune into words, too, and build understanding just the same way they do.

source: The 2 Sisters Website The Daily CAFE, at www.thedailycafe.com, where you will find teaching tips from successful, experienced teachers.

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