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October 4-10th is the 10th anniversary of the UN-declared World Space Week, and the theme is “Space for Education.”  The dates are October 4-10, 2009.

From EduHound’s “Classroom Tools & Tips, here are some Web sites for teaching World Space Week.

  • World Space Week — World Space Week is the ideal time for you to use space in the classroom to excite students about learning science, technology, engineering and math.  http://www.worldspaceweek.org
  • NASA: Educators — NASA’s Education Materials Finder  will help teachers locate resources that can be used in the classroom.  Users may search by keywords, grade level, product type and subject.  http://www.nasa.gov/audience/foreducators/index.html
  • World Book at NASA for Students — Features in-depth entries on eveything from astronauts to spacecraft to the wonders of our solar system and beyond.  http://www.nasa.gov/worldbook/wbkids/index.html
  • SEGway for Educators — These lessons were designed by both teachers and scientists.  Here you’ll find lessons organized by grade level and topic.  Topics are varied throughout all Earth and Space Science.  Each lesson has a summary with a brief overview of the lesson, its teaching goals, and alignment to standards.   http://cse.ssl.berkeley.edu/SegwayEd/index.html
  • SSERD (Space Science Education Resource Directory) — A searchable, web-based database of space science education resources for K-12 teachers and students, including lesson plans, educator guides, student activities, and websites.  http://teachspacescience.org
  • Challenger Center: For Teachers —  Using space as a theme, their programs, resources and lessons get students excited about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  http://www.challenger.org/teachers/index.cfm
  • Amazing Space for Teachers — Provides Teaching Tools, Astronomy Basics, and E/PO Resources.  A description, suggestions for using the resource in the classroom, and related materials accompany each tool.  http://amazing-space.staci.edu/eds

Classroom Tools & Tips also offers this tip:  check out PBS Teachers

Not only featuring a new interface, the newly redesigned PBS Teachers site offers educators more searchable content, from across PBS’s educational services.  It also provides easier, quicker ways to find the materials they need for their classroom or home learning environment.  http://www.pbsteachers.org

source: EduHound’s Classroom Tools & Tips, a  newsletter that provides valuable ed tech resources to incorporate into K-12 curriculum.  Educational topics, preformatted templates, technology tutorials and practical tips are featured.  Send your suggestions for topics, or your own templates to share, to Judi Rajala: JRajala@eduhound.com

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