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The first full year of NMSI’s project is complete.

At the 67 high schools with NMSI programs, the number of passing scores for students taking college-level Advanced Placement (AP) math, science and English exams increased by 51 percent.

That’s nine times the average increase among schools without NMSI support.

Results for underrepresented populations were even better. 

 With NMSI support, African American and Hispanic students passed 71 percent more AP exams.   Girls passed 55 percent more.

Such success today promises further achievements in the future.  Research shows students who pass AP exams are three times more likely to earn a college degree.

There is no secret behind NMSI’s success — just proven methods.  Better training and performance incentives result in better teachers.  Individualized instruction and scholarship incentives result in college-ready American high school students who can compete internationally.

The challenge at this moment is to replicate this project on a national scale and so help rebuild America’s performance in math and education.  Three decades ago, the US ranked third among developed nations for college students earning science and engineering degrees. 

Today, we rank 17th in science and engineering and 26th in math.

This should concern all Americans, because expertise in science, math, engineering and technology is what drives our high-tech global economy.

American companies understand the critical need to close the achievement gap.  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, and ExxonMobil have committed millions to help NMSI succeed.

NMSI is currently funded for expansion to 350 schools in six states over five years.  But more growth is necessary.  More public and private funds are needed so these proven strategies can be delivered to high schools across the country.  Millions of students can be equipped with the math and science skills they need to succeed in college.

Visit www.nationalmathandscience.org to learn more.

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