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 Here is an excellent resource site for learning about colleges and universities.  You can search by degree level, by category, or by subject.   


You’ll also find articles about online career and vocational training, health and medicine classes, education and teaching classes, language classes,  business and marketing classes.

Regularly updated, the site provides an online colleges database, information about college courses, personal learning, and college tips.  

How about “50 fantastic Bing Tricks for Students & Librarians,” “100 Twitter Feeds to Sharpen Your Writing Skills,” or “25 Twitter Projects for the College Classroom”…  All this and more.

Check out Rose Jensen’s article “50 Great Sites for Serious, Educational Games.” 

She mentions great games to teach business and management, for practicing business skills and learning about economics. 

Also games for students, which bring powerful first-hand experience with games ranging from early elementary to high school; they focus on everything from science to civic responsibility.  (Although designed for students, she suggests they are fun for players of any age.) 

And training games, from the Army and Navy to handling emergencies to disarming situations non-violently, these games all focus on training for the real deal.  Health and medical games to help young people get a handle on their diabetes or to inform children about food safety.  Humanitarian and environmental games: save the world and save the environment by playing games that are “awesome and inspiring.”

Learn about political games: jump in and see what they face every day.  And find sites with multiple games, from literature to social awareness, such as “Nobel Prize Educational Games,” Thinking Worlds,” and  “Super Smart Games.”  

Check this site for information and fun articles.

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