+ Beanbags Help Kindergarteners Focus?

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In Danville OH, according to Pamela Schehl at Mount Vernon News, kindergarteners are walking around with beanbags on their heads.

Teachers Lisa Thatcher, Toni Lyons and Lisa Muncie explain  that brain research shows that one’s balance relates to one’s readiness to learn. 

The beanbags on the heads, report the students, help them focus and think.  They seem to work whether the student is sitting, standing or just walking down the hallway.

Thatcher says the beanbags “allow students to take some ownership in being prepared to learn when they enter the classroom.”  The teachers explain that when a pupil begins to lose concentration, the beanbag will slip.  Then the student will realize it’s slipping and will refocus on his or her own initialtive — without having to be redirected by the teacher.

Besides increasing academic performance (and there is data to illustrate), the beanbags strategy has led to overall improved behavior, as well as the children taking greater pride in themselves and what they are doing.

The beanbags are just one part of a comprehensive approach to education called Davis Learning Strategies.

source: http://www.mountvernonnews.com article by Pamela Schehl on 8/18/09. 

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