+ Poems for Shark Week

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In honor of Shark Week, the Discovery Channel’s annual weeklong series of TV programs devoted to sharks, Poets.org has compiled 35 poems about sharks, and examined how the animals have been represented in classic and contemporary poetry.

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Described by poets as “death-scenting,” with “lipless jaws” and “eyes that stare at nothing like the dead,” sharks have long served as a cultural symbol of mortality and looming danger.

Despite the fact that sharks kill fewer than 20 people a year, their reputation as the ocean’s most allusive and deadly predator continues to inspire fear, and fascination, in audiences throughout the world.

Included are poems by Carl Sandburg, Robert Graves, Martin Espada, Denise Levertov, Joel Brouwer, Walt Whitman, Tomasz Rozycki, Herman Melville, Alan Dugan, James Dickey, Vivian Shipley, Jamey Dunham, Nancy Willard and many others.

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