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From Kathie Nunley’s Educator Newsletter, my latest batch of  tips sent in to her by  teachers.

  • Call on students  using  popsicle sticks with students’ names.  Roz Tampono
  • Dry erase markers work great on desks.  Lyndsay Stephens  uses them to label desks when they are being rearranged.
  • To clean a permanent-marker marked tag, write over it with  dry erase marker; let dry and wipe. Clara Rodriguez
  • Help students understand different perspectives: teach a concept, then move desks and reteach. no name
  • At Brooks Academy, James Hamric says they’ve implemented a “house” system (think Harry Potter).  Kids want and ask for points for good performance.
  • Use play-dough for students to describe vocabulary words. Emily Petkus
  • Place a sticky-note throughout your planner as an occasional reminder to incorporate various learning styles, so you can include an activity in the lesson that reaches one style or another.  no name
  • Use cash register receipt paper for a time line. Amanda Stark
  • Keep a large bin up front and toss in pens and pencils found in the room or hallways.  It takes ten seconds for students to borrow one from the bin versus ten minutes rummaging or going to the locker.  M. Aubin
  • Paper clip reward: each hour there are no rule infractions, a paper clip is added to the “chain.”  When the chain reaches the blackboard ledge, we have a celebration or reward.  Victoria Park
  • In a layered classroom, as a “C Layer” assignment option offer a “secretary” position.  The student can type, proofread, copyedit etc. another student’s assignment.  This helps students with learning challenges and benefits the “secretary.”  Kathie   limits each student to no more than 2 secretary jobs per unit.
  • Start each day by visualizing the classroom culture that you want to achieve.  Valerie Holland 
  • When you all return from lunch, give students 2 minutes to talk to each other before going into routine.  Gets out the “goofy” energy; give you time to take roll, set out work etc.  Kayla Pierce 
  • Do (physical) exercises while learning and practicing new spelling words.  Ha Dinh
  • Give students laminated name tags for their desks.  When they need 1-1 attention, they put it on the teacher’s desk.
  • Hang laminated name tags (see above) on a hook at the board when a child “checks out” to the bathroom.  No asking needed.  no name
  • When preparing for an exam, have all students make up their own 10-question test on the material for homework.  Then spend a day having them quiz each other using their self-made tests (which they then turn in).  The “official test” is prepared using a variety of the students’ own questions.  Tom Garrison
  • In her elementary music classes, Isabelle Metwalli encourages students to volunteer to read during sight-reading from the board.  She tosses a stuffed bear to students who volunteer.  Lots of kids now volunteer because they love catching the teddy bears.

These tips are not only great element of  the free newsletters from Kathie Nunley.  Each newsletter has two tips and also includes two “Hot Topics,” her answers to questions, website updates, books and publications available, Kathie’s workshop schedules, Layered Classroom curriculum additions, and much more.  Sign up at http://help4teachers.com/newsletter.htm

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