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 YOUniversityTV is fun, informative, free and easy.  It’s the first wholly integrated College Video Resource Community, they say, which provides an “interactive, immersive virtual environment” dedicated to colleges and those individuals wanting to know more about them.     

 Visit them at http://www.youniversitytv.com/beta/index.home.php.

YOUniversityTV is dedicated to promoting higher education by assisting students with the college selection process, providing access to videos and educational resources for colleges across the US — more than 400 to date.  Many of the lively informational videos appear to be student generated.

It is free of charge and doesn’t receive compensation from any of the universities it features.

There is a social networking component (YOULife) which allows students, alumni, fans and friends to become part of the YOUniversityTV network.  Users may leave messages on each other’s  corkboards, comment on each other’s photos, exchange music, write on their personal blogs and decorate their virtual YOUDorm by purchasing items from the YOUStore, which accepts YOUBucks.

The YOUtorium, we’re told, already features more than 1000 student-submitted videos.

The site, founded in 2008 is based in Boynton Beach Florida.  Press inquiries should be directed to pr@YOUniversityTV.com .  Friend them on Facebook. 

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