+ Warren Buffett Will Teach Kids About Money Online In Fall

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An article by Brian Stelter in the NY Times says renowned investor Warren Buffett plans an animated Web series to teach financial responsibility.

The series, called The Secret Millionaire’s Club,” will make its debut on AOL’s Web site in the fall of 2009.  He says the short episodes will “entertain kids and deliver a message.”

Andy Heyward, longtime creator of children’s entertainment, and Amy Moynihan, veteran of brand marketing, founded a new children’s media company called A Squared Entertainment.

They are working with AOL to introduce a number of celebrity-backed Web shows for children, including Mr Buffet, supermodel Gisele Bundchen and planner extraordinaire, Martha Stewart.

The  Secret Millionaire’s Club, intended for 6-to11-year-olds, features an animated Mr Buffett playing mentor to a group of children who go into business (a candy store).  So far Buffett has recorded the audio for the first episode. 

According to Mr Buffett, the objective of the series is to instill healthy financial habits in young people, which “appeals to me enormously.”  He says

Kids are forming habits, and habits are strong things.  [Recalling a quote attributed to Samuel Johnson:] “The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” 

Certain financial habits are not necessarily intuitive.  If a young person is exposed to the logic of certain behavior, you’re going to get through to some of them.

Among other topics, the episodes will address the value of patient investments and the risks of credit cards.

“The most important message, really, is that the best investment you can make is in yourself,” he says.

Although he requested the animator make him look like George Clooney, he thinks that’ s probably not going to happen. 

sole source: Brian Stelter’s article in the NY Times on 7/27/09.  www.nytimes.com

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