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From Scholastic, visit a page with links to articles and lesson plans to help you plan ways to create your classroom community in the fall.   

Find  articles on these topics:

  • Help for “They Won’t Let Me Play With Them!”  by William Kridler — Let  students talk about what behaviors, attitudes and actions they think contribute to a climate of caring in the classroom, and play games that reinforce these values.
  • Building Community in the Classroom by Ellen Booth Church   (Early Childhood Today, September 2008) — Church discusses the different elements that help to create a sense of community in the Early Childhood classroom at the beginning of the year.
  • Big Friends Little Friends by Andrea Spillett — Younger and older students are paired to work on team projects and play games.
  • Be a Good Friend — “Woof Woof!” The focus of this lesson is to encourage awareness of good manners through literature and creative expression.
  • 8 Ways to Welcome Students  by Marissa Ochoa — Third grade teacher Ochoa explains how she makes students feel welcome and motivates them for the year ahead.
  • Building Bridges of Friendship by Mackie Rhodes (Instructor Magazine, August 2002) — Presents a unit on friendship that involves music, crafts, teamwork activities, and identifying shared values and interests.

Find links to lesson plans on these topics:

  • Portrait of a Friend  by Tracy Roudez — Students get to know themselves and their classmates by filling in the blanks to create a mini-biography.
  • Aloha, Welcome Back by Renea Shuey — Takes a tropical approach to the start of the school year as students learn about our 50th state, get to know each other, and establish classroom expectations.
  • New to School Student Booklets by Marci Ruiz — In this fun getting- to-know-you classroom activity, students make their own books out of supplied paper shapes and strips of pre-typed text.
  • Move and Make Friends (Early Childhood Today) — An activity plan for teachers of preschool age children.
  • Time to Rhyme (Early Childhood Today) — An activity plan for teachers of four- and five-year-olds to do with their students.
  • Do You Want to Be My Friend? Lesson Plan by Jeremy Brunaccioni — Children love Eric Carle’s colorful illustrations and animal characters in “Do You Want to Be My Friend?”  Brunaccioni does an author study with his class; his students love making painted paper in the style of Eric Carle and taking their own book home. 
  • Building Relationships in a High School Classroom by Mariana Sesay-St Paul –The diagnostics in this unit will help teachers get to know their students both academically and personally.
  • Come Explore Your Neighborhood  by Steven Hicks — Use this lesson to teach your students the value of friendship around them with walks and mapping and modeling projects.

So visit the site at  http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/collection.jsp?id=296

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