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Recommended by the 2 Sisters Teachers’ Web site, this looks like a fine place for parents and kids to select books, read together and build a love of reading.  Visit  http://litforkids.wordpress.com/.

Lit for Kids is a Web site dedicated to kids, books, families and a LOVE of reading.

If you’re daunted by the (literally) millions of fantastic books and options out there, check it out.  Parents, grandparents, caregivers, or teachers can find suggestions on how to begin and where to go from there.

The site is for anyone with kids in their lives — or those who just love children’s literature.  And it’s for children themselves.  You will find

  • Recommendations for books at all ages, reading levels and interests.
  • Ways to use a favorite book as a jumping off place to do other things: knitting projects, cooking, trips, outings, play ideas and much more.
  • Ideas for choosing a gift, building a library, or finding the perfect dinosaur book for an obsessed kid!
  • Developmental information about how kids learn to read and write.
  • Activities to try with kids — you’ll learn more about your child and where they are in their reading and writing lives.
  • A place to share your own tips, thoughts and recommendations.  Let your child share too!

Who Are These People?

Ruth Shagoury (formerly Ruth Shagoury Hubbard) teaches new and veteran teachers at Lewis & Clark College in Portland OR, where she is the Mary Stuart Rogers Professor of Education.  She coordinates the Language and Literacy program there.  She has written numerous books and articles, most recently Raising Writers: Understanding and Nurturing Young Children’s Writing Development  (Allyn & Bacon), and Starting with Comprehension: Reading Strategies for the Youngest Learners (with Andie Cunningham; Stenhouse).

She is a regular contributor to www.choiceliteracy.com

Meghan Rose  has worked in the Internet industry for the last ten years, specializing in start-ups (like Rent.com and eToys) where 16-hour work days are the norm.  She began consulting part time and being a Mom full time after her twins were born.

and… You:   it is hoped that you will get engaged and leave your thoughts, tips, comments and recommendations.  They would like to build a community of and for people who love literature and kids.

Send them your own lists and blog entries to post (crediting you, of course).  Tell them what you love and what you don’t like, and help them make their site a more useful, fun, helpful and interactive place. 

source: the 2 Sisters  site for teachers which sent me there:  http://www.thedailycafe.com/public/568.cfm 

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