+ 2009 World Science Fair: June 10-14 in NY City

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Haven’t made vacation plans?  Consider a week in New York, attending lectures, performances, hands-on children’s field trips, multi-media experiences — all focused on cutting-edge science!  

Five days, 40 events and one electrified city, says the full page ad.

It’s time to discover a whole new world.  Kids will be inspired; adults enlightened. 

For complete festival and ticketing information, visit www.WorldScienceFestival.com, or call 866-811-4111.

  • Opening Night Gala Performance — Alan Alda, Joshua Bell, Yo-Yo Ma, Christine Baranski, Marin Alsop, Glenn Close and many others in a performance saluting E.O. Wilson, at Lincoln Center.
  • Infinite Worlds Robert Krulrich hosts physicists Brian Greene, Alan Guth, Andrei Linde and philosopher Nick Bostrum in an explortation of parallel universes. 
  • Rising Waters  in a Thirsty World — Adaptation experts discuss our strained relationship with H20, a critical issue of our time.
  • WALL-E’s World — Scientists reveal ingenious strategies for creating a sustainable future.
  • Time Since Einstein — John Hockenberry hosts the renowned Roger Penrose and a distinguished panel, as they explore the nature of Time.
  • Transparent Brain– Scott Simon hosts leading researchers discussing remarkable progress toward making your private thoughts visible.
  • Avian Einsteins — Bird scientists Erich Jarvis and Irene Pepperberg (remember Alex the Parrot?) discuss penetrating parallels between bird and human brains.
  • Bio Blitzing in the Boroughs — Kids and families get dirty exploring ants, bugs, worms and all things crawly in two New York parks.
  • WSF Spotlight — It’s a science happy hour with some of the world’s most inspired thinkers, including Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek and cosmology’s bright light, Sean Carroll.
  • What It Means to be Human — Alan Alda hosts E.O. Wilson and Sara Hrdy in an examination of human cooperative behavior.
  • Notes and Neurons —  John Schaefer hosts Daniel Levitin and Bobby McFerrin in an exploration of music’s note-worthy relation with the brain and emotions.
  • Watching Watson and Wilson: Through the Eyes of Anna Deveare Smith — A riveting one-woman portrayal of two of our most recent influential scientists, and an exploration of their profound contributions.
  • Mathemagician — “America’s Best Math Whiz” entertains the whole family with mental mathematical gymnastics.
  • Time: The Familiar Stranger — Celebrated neurologist Oliver Sacks and psychologist Daniel Gilbert reflect on time’s role in shaping the human experience.

 A partial list of sponsors of the five day event includes the Simons Foundation, the Alfred P Sloan Foundation, the John Templeton Foundation; ConEdison, the Rockefeller Foundation. 

Also: ABC News, New Scientist, Popular Mechanics, Scientific American; New York University, Columbia University, CUNY, The Rockefeller University, and Eugene Lang College the New School for Liberal Arts.

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