+ Your Family Can Participate in Reading Research

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The Reading Research Registry, a project at Florida State University, seeks to invite families to engage in reading research.  Families who join will help benefit the larger community of individuals who struggle with reading.

Contributing to research will assist in improving the understanding and instruction of reading, creating more reliable resources for families who are affected by reading difficulties.

Joining the Registry does not obligate any family to engage in reading studies.  It simply allows families who join to be invited to participate in the future. 

Any information that is reviewed is kept private.  Families who qualify to join the Registry receive a $15 gift card to a major retail store [Borders, Target, Publix].

If you would like to learn more about the Reading Research Registry, visit their Web site at www.fsuld.org/reading_registry.

One new study is called the Genetics and Reading Study.  This project is funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development to understand the role of genes in reading ability.  Members of the registry can apply to be part of this study, too.

At the Web page, you can download an application and consent form. http://www.fsuld.org/reading_registry/

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