+ What the Coach Needs to Know About Your Kid: Checklist

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From “Good Kids, Bad Habits: The RealAge Guide to Raising Healthy Children” by Jennifer Trachtenberg MD, here is a checklist of things a coach wants to know when you sign a child up for a sport.

  • Name  (nicknames)
  • Birth date
  • Results of your child’s sports physical  (to determine overall health and readiness)
  • Expectations  (is this strictly for enjoyment or part of a long-term plan to achieve a high level of competence)
  • Any health limitations (such as asthma or epilepsy; medications)
  • Any injuries that might impede performance
  • Any allergies  (medications?) 
  • Child’s doctors’ names and contact information
  • Emergency contact information (parents and another responsible adult in case parents can’t be reached –include their relationship to the family)
  • Insurance provider and policy number
  • Any commitments your child has (that might interfere with practices or games)
  • Any additional information

In addition, here are some things to consider when you’re evaluating  coaches:

  • Coaches’ backgrounds — how extensive is their experience with the sport; have they had a thorough background check; are they  good role models; do they motivate and inspire the team?
  • Coaching styles — how competitive are they; will that approach mesh or clash with your child’s attitude; do they vigilantly follow rules, regulations and proper techniques; what is the practice schedule like and will it fit with your child’s schedule?
  • Safety concerns — are they certified in CPR; do they lead warm-up exercises before practices and games to lessen the possibility of injuries; do they encourage extreme diets or performance enhancing supplements; do they encourage proper hydration during practices and games?

These and other checklists may be found and printed out at www.RealAge.com/parenting.

source: “Good Kids, Bad Habits: The RealAge Guide to Raising Healthy Children” by Jennifer Trachtenberg MD; forward by Michael F Roizen MD and Mehmet C Oz MD, coauthors of “You: The Owner’s Manual;” Harper Collins publishers.  ISBN 0-06-112775-2

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