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The Center on Instruction (http://www.centeroninstruction.org) is part of the Comprehensive Center Network.  It is one of five content centers serving as resources for the 16 regional US Department of Education Comprehensive Centers

The Center on Instruction is a gateway to a cutting-edge collection of scientifically based research and information on K-12 instruction in reading, math, science, special education, and English language learning.

Since 2005, the Center has worked with the nation’s preeminent researchers, practitioners, and technical assistance providers to deliver a collection of publications, professional development events, workshop presentations, and other resources about K-12 instruction.

To date, the Center has created more than 70 resources.  It has identified, reviewed, and made available nearly 100 additional resources that examine the latest research, capture the content of important professional development activities, or illustrate the applications of research findings in classroom settings.  The site showcases and provides access to all of these sources.

At the site you will find resources such as

  • State Policies and Procedures and Selected Local Implementation Pactices in Response to Intervention in the Six Southwest Region States
  • Reducing Behavior problems in the Elementary School Classroom
  • Preparing Elementary School Teachers in the Southeast Region to Work with Students with Disabilities
  • Implementing RTI Using Title I, Title III, and CEIS Funds
  • The Striving Readers Program

On occasion they have been asked for a quick-reference catalog of these materials, created specifically by the Center on Instruction.  An electronic version of the catalog is now available.

It describes all the more than 70 publications and professional development meeting materials on K-12 instruction in reading, mathematics, science, special education, and English language learning created by the Center on Instruction.  Resource titles serve as live links to the materials themselves.

The Center asks for your comments on this reference book.

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