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FreeReading is an open-source instructional program that helps educators teach early literacy.  Visit http://www.freereading.net

It contains a 40-week scope and sequence of phonological awareness and phonics activities that can support and supplement a typical kindergarten or first-grade core or basal program.


  • The research on how students learn to read is well-established
  • The research on which instructional techniques work is well-understood
  • The voices of those who know what works best, classroom teachers, are rarely heard in instructional design
  • The power of “we” is far greater than the power of “you” or “I”


  • To help educators around the world teach kids to read
  • To make quality, research-based, explicit, and systematic instruction for early reading widely available and free (in two senses of the word free: “at no charge” and “openly offered so as to be used, reused, mashed-up, and shared again”)
  • To nurture a community of educators who can share effective teaching methods with one another
  • To channel spending in education away from textbooks and toward customized instructional materials, support and training for teachers, and tools for data and knowledge management
  • To allow kids to be able to “read books with enjoyment while lying in a hammock under elm trees” –Catherine Snow

Everything is truly free.  Materials are available for you to

  • Review
  • Download
  • Print
  • Teach
  • Contribute to

The folks at FreeReading hope you will

  • Read the FAQ if you have questions
  • Start teaching with Intervention A, their first comprehensive program
  • Add an early literacy activity
  • Download and print free letter cards, picture cards, a letter formation guide, irregular word cards, and advanced phonics word cards
  • Watch and listen to FreeReading videos and audios
  • Rate an existing activity
  • Write a short story
  • Start a discussion

Advisory Board

Because FreeReading is an open-source, peer-authored text with no single author or editor in the traditional sense, FreeReading is always in a state of refinement, expansion, and improvement forstered by experts and community members.

The advisory board refines the ongoing research and development agenda of FreeReading.  It includes the following members:

Catherine Snow — Henry Lee Shattuck Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Michael Kamil — Consulting Professor of Education; Psychological Studies in Education; Learning, Design, and Technology at Stanford University School of Education 

Barbara Taylor — Guy Bond Chair in Reading, University of Minnesota and Director of the Minnesota Center for Reading Research

Barbara Kapinus — Senior Policy Analyst at the National Education Association

Fred Carrigg — Director of Humanities K-12, Middletown Public Schools, Former Special Assistant to the Commissioner for Literacy, NJDOE

tutoring in Columbus OH:   Adrienne Edwards  614-579-6021   or email  aedwardstutor@columbus.rr.com  


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