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From Poets.org —

The Teachers and Writers Collaborative (TWC) compiled a list of great poems for teaching.  Find this list — and more — at www.poets.org.

  • Maya Angelou —  Alone (on Web site);  On the Pulse of Morning; Phenomenal Women; Still I Rise (on Web site)
  • Anonymous — Darkness Song (Iroquois); Edward, Edward; The Glove and the Lion; Healing Song and Love Charm; I Have Found My Lover; Ich Arn of Irlaunde; My Love Has Departed; Nightmare; Sacred Formulas Concerning Living Humanity; Sea Lullaby; Spring Song; Why Should I Be Jealous
  • Angie Argabrite — Elvis is Sighted at the 7-11
  • Matthew Arnold — Dover Beach
  • WH Auden — In Memory of WB Yeats (on Web site); Musee des Beaux Arts; The Unknown Citizen (on Web site)
  • Toni Cade Bambara — Gorilla, My Love; Super Fly Pants
  • Hilaire Belloc — Tarantella
  • Stephen Vincent Benet — You Took a Carriage to That Battlefield (from John Brown’s Body)
  • Elizabeth Bishop — The Fish; Filling Station (on Web site); Geography
  • William Blake — The Chimney-Sweeper; The Tyger (both on Web site)
  • Robert Bly — All the Fruit is Ripe
  • Philip Booth — One Man’s Wife
  • David Bottoms — Shooting Rats at the Bibb County Dump (on Web site)
  • Joseph Brodsky — Odysseus to Telemachus (On Web site); Bosnia Tune; Upon the burning of Our Hous
  • Gwendolyn Brooks — The Bean Eaters; the sonnet-ballad; We Real Cool (all on Web site)
  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning — How Do I Love Thee; My Letters! all dead paper… [from Sonnet XXVIII]  (all on Web site)
  • Robert Browning — My Last Duchess (on Web site)

 This takes us through the letter B.

For the rest of the Alphabet, visit www.poets.org  and click on the icon for “Great Poems to Teach.”

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