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Here are a sampling of teacher’s tips, from Dr Kathie Nunley’s newsletter:

  • Put your course curriculum on a web page for parents and students so everyone knows what to expect
  • Prepare some preprinted cards to hand out as students are entering class (never all in one day!); they might be “I’m glad you’re back!  We missed you!;” or “You’re working really hard.  Keep it up!;”  “Great work yesterday.  Can’t wait to hear what you have to say today!”
  • GO FISH cards and OLD MAID cards work great for pairing; colored Popsicle sticks work well for arbitrary grouping.
  • Put a fun trivia question on the board during the first few minutes of class: give a little prize for the correct answer.
  • When you give assignments, always give a rationale for them; it’s proven to motivate.
  • If you’re in a school where poverty is a concern, keep inexpensive snacks on hand for kids who don’t have money for lunch.
  • Use yellow cards with black ink for flashcard and daily messages: easier to read.
  • One  math teacher reads a literature book (related to the topic) aloud to the class; students love it.
  • Find lyrics to songs the kids like and have a sing-along with YouTube.
  • Use portable/rolling laundry baskets for storage.
  • When students are busy in the lab, have them hand you a card with their name on it; they won’t be following you around or sitting with their hand up.
  • Post a “good news” bulletin in the classroom.  Collect good news from students about positive things happening in their lives.
  • Keep two cans of pencils (one labeled “sharp” and one labeled “dull”) in a central place.  Students exchange a “dull” for a “sharp” and don’t waste time at the sharpener.
  • New vocabulary, math facts, etc. become the “name” of each student for the week.  Call on them by that name.

 source: periodically, Dr Kathie Nunley sends out email newletters filled with teaching tips, resources, hot topics, and latest brain research.  Send her  your teaching tips at Kathie@brains.org.  Her Web sites are http://brains.org and http://help4teachers.com .  To subscribe to the newsletter, email http://help4teachers.com/newsletter.htm

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